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Here you can put an inspiring image with your motto on top. On this one page website example we have chosen a plain picture, but you can also pick a suitable photo.

About you

This section in this One Page Website Example is where you can tell something about yourself. For instance, about when your company was established. Or how come you started your company to begin with…

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Another piece of info on this One Page Website Example

Of course there’s plenty to tell. Any text or photo on your one page website will be provided by you. That makes sense, cos you know yourself the best.

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Check out our work

This is where you show off your portfolio

Service/Product 1

Here your can tell us about a service or product you offer. If you need more space for your information, we link these to single pages at an additional charge

Service/Product 2

This – see service/product 1 – goes for every section. We can create a whole page for each section or item in case you need more room to fully inform your audience

Service/Product 3

So, a portfolio page, team page or whatever page, it’s all possible. As is creating a shop or a membership site or a… the sky is the limit.

Service/Product 4

We’re happy to make a quote tailored to your needs. And provide you hosting, full service, as well. We’re here for you! All you need to do is contact us.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

This is Why

This is where on this One Page Website Example you tell your audience WHY you do what you do. This is important indeed, cos what you write here determines whether your visitor will identify with you.

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This is where you introduce your team!

The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them. Aren’t they wonderful?

Serge Vanderbilt

Creative Director

Fiona Green

Financial Director

Art Masters

Project Manager

Sue Powell


Mary Malone

Office Ninja

Tahani Addams

Head of Marketing

Richard Maddison

Designer and Developer

Mathilde Oiswa

Nice Boss Lady

Eleanor Rumstrop

Concept Creator

This is where we meet your Clients

we work for these people

An important section for sure! After all, all these clients can’t be wrong…

And this is what these clients say about you. It’s called the testimonial section.

What people say

Do you want to grow your business?

This is your call to action. After all, you DO want your visitors to actually take you on! And so do we...

1 Your Address, Your Town, D02 XR20, Ireland​

+353 877 554 332

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In the footer you can put all sorts of info. Like your address, or menus that link to your other pages. Or a newsletter sign up form.


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